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HELP! DW is going to kill Annie!

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We noticed recently that Annie, who is normally the canine answer to the Energizer Bunny and NEVER rests, seemed to be tiring more easily and even occasionally stopped to take a rest. Of course, this immediately meant a trip to the vet, entailing a thorough examination, X-rays, and blood tests (and a bill that resembled a mortgage payment). The good news is that the blood tests came back negative. The bad news is that there appears to be an infection in the lungs. So the vet gave us medication, told us to bring her back in a week, and prescribed rest and relaxation; limited outdoor play, no doggie day care for fun and games, no trail hiking... REST AND RELAXATION?!? ANNIE?!? WHO DOES THE VET THINK SHE'S KIDDING?!? Annie has been on the medication for two days, and is starting to perk up. GUESS WHO'S HOME WITH ANNIE ALL DAY?!? GUESS WHO HAS TO KEEP HER ENTERTAINED?!? GUESS WHO'S GOING TO KILL MY DOG BEFORE THIS IS OVER?!? (If you guessed DW, give yourself a cigar!!!)


I'd better start shopping for some really nice jewelry now; I have a feeling that mere flowers and a balloon just ain't gonna cut it this time...

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I am in the same boat with Sophie! After two excruciating weeks of keeping her quiet while her stitches were in, the vet removed them yesterday. And this morning a hole opened up where the stitches didn't do their job--so today we went back to the vet to stitch her leg back up. This new set of stitches will be in for two more weeks. Gah! How am I ever going to keep her quiet for two more weeks???

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Torn ligament in the knee for Tiga if you haven't seen the thread so I am in the same boat. What are you doing to keep them occupied? Looks like we have a couple of MONTHS ahead of us! Eeks! It's only been a few days and we have a very stressful household. AND We're moving at the end of the month. I feel for you both!

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Not trying to trump anyone, but our 1-year-old (quite active) pup has been on restricted activities for more than half of his life. For most of that, it's been leash walks only, starting at 2x/d for 5 minutes each, gradually working up to 2x/day for 1 hour + each time (limited mainly by how much time I have). Restrictions are gradually relaxing - try to see what he can handle without limping. Trial and error. A few minutes playing in the snow, or with his doggie friends? most of those have had him limping - fortunately he's bounced back within a day or so. Next time the opportunity presents itself, we'll do it for shorter intervals.


This week we let him play off-leash in our fenced back yard for the very first time since last August. He thought he'd died and gone to heaven. I will say - our back yard is more exciting than most - wooded, on a hill, with deer in the woods all around (if not within). Infinite opportunities for discovery. Even within the confines of our yard it's the biggest toy-box-full-of-sticks (not to mention the squirrels) that you can imagine. And so far (after two rounds of play) no limping. Yahoo!!! I now (with his ortho vet's approval) have a Walky Dog http://www.thedogoutdoors.com/ bike "leash" on order. We'll start it off VERY carefully, walking at first, on a local level bike trail that's made of crushed stone (not asphalt), to minimize any potential trauma to his joints.


It's been a stressful period - we had a bathroom gutted in the fall (while DH was out of the country as well as mainly away from internet contact - who on earth planned this?), and then this winter DH had open-heart surgery. DH was told he'd better not show up from the trip overseas during the bathroom remodeling without a LARGE bottle of something from Duty Free. But things are looking up at the moment now that spring is here and the daffodils are in bloom. Heck, even the snow in the parking lot at the shopping mall this evening was mainly (though not entirely) melted!


And to think that last summer I looked at post-neuter instructions that said "keep him quiet for 10 days-2 weeks" and wondered how we'd ever be able to survive the experience!!!


He's got a great disposition, which has made him infinitely adaptable. If it's clear I don't have time to play with him (or that he's not allowed to be anything but a Sedate Dog), he'll flop. On the other hand, if the opportunity presents itself to be Wild Dog In The Woods...


Here's to quick recoveries from the restrictions for Annie, Tiga, and Sophie!

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