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Lexi is coming along great!

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Izzy and Toby have been awesome during this early period of Lexi living with us. Everyone is getting along great...seems to good to be true! Now to the questions...


1. Lex is being fed separately whilst I supervise and I've noticed she doesn't chew her food but swallows it whole, her teeth seem to be in great condition so pain isn't an issue. I've tried hand feeding to slow her down, but that doesn't help either.


2. In a couple weeks she is going to see sheep for possibly the first time (no idea if she's seen them before) she is ball OBSESSED, if Izzy gets the ball she'll start working Izzy. Izzy doesn't care, she thinks it's a game. Lex doesn't know any commands other than sit, so getting her to stop is tough right now, can/will this hurt her working ability, if she has any at all? She's never gone in for a grab, always herding Izzy from 10-20 feet, working the angles. This dawned on me this afternoon as we were playing ball.


The plus side is, she seems to have an unlimited amount of stamina based on our trip to the beach yesterday, so if she does have good talent, she'll be awesome!





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Could just be an adjustment thing... the eating fast.

I know Riley was the fastest eater (timed him - 1.5 cup in less than 2 minutes) when he was at my house for visits and even after he moved in. I noticed yesterday that in the last week he's really slowed down and is enjoying his food more. Same as my previous foster dog. Poor thing was literally starved almost to death and I did have to hand feed him, kibble by kibble or else he'd gorge and then throw up shortly after. He's also slowed down considerably and enjoys his food now.

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I've noticed she doesn't chew her food


My almost 5-year old BC doesn't chew either and he never really has. He doesn't eat fast, he just won't chew. We first really noticed it when he was around 4 months old. At a gas station they gave him a whole large dog sized biscuit and he gulped the entire thing down! Luckily he didn't choke! Ever since then we've been sure to keep the size of his kibble small and only give small pieces of treats. He also won't chew on rawhide, processed bones, nylabone/gummabones, toys, etc. As a result his teeth looked horrible. After reading this forum I tried giving him raw bones (large ones that he could not possibly swallow whole!) not expecting him to want to chew on them either, but surprise surprise he loves them! He now gets a couple of "bone nights" a week and his teeth practically sparkle!

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