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SO Izzy decides she has to go use the facilities

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This is highly unusual for her. I get up, walk downstairs with her and Toby, figure he might as well go as well...happen to grab the flashlight to check out behind the fence...sure enough I see two yellow eyes looking back at me. My backyard slopes away from the house, and this coyote sure looked like a wolf. Not even sure if we have wolves in NE Mass. but it was a huge coyote. Toby, who sees himself as the guard dog around here (I trust him way more than Izzy with alerting me) tries to dart out the door and go after said coyote (maybe wolf). I grab him by the scruff and pull him back inside.


I go wake DW who is sound asleep and has a terrible cold, so you know she hates me at this point for waking her. I want her to come down just in case...I don't yet own a gun.


I put a leash on Izzy but she knows something is up. (We left Toby in the bedroom because no way he'll help the situation.) She won't go to the bathroom but she starts barking, whining and straining to get to the fence.


In return of her antics? Coyote (wolf?) howling. DW by now is ready to sell the house and move to the city.


She said Izzy can pee on the floor and for us to get in the house ASAP.





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