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PLEASE HELP!!!! out my non-profit rescue, for BC (www.MWBCR.ORG). I'm NOT ASKING FOR MONEY just 2 minutes of your time. Vote for Stoli - the dog at http://www.bissell.com/mvp_PetDetail.aspx?id=8590070915


Times are really rough this year and a lot of family's are giving up there dogs. Which means more need to be rescued.Also we are not getting as many monetary contribution. It does take a lot of money to feed,vet and shelter these dogs.They more then deserve it! Bissell( The Vacuum company) is going to make a HUGE money donation to my rescue group if she wins 100% of the proceeds will go to www.MWBCR.ORG which provides help finding homes for these dogs. I hate to beg, but PLEASE HELP! I did this last year and they do not start spamming your e-mail with random junk.It is safe! PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO A FRIENDS! WE HAVE TILL MARCH 11th THANK YOU SO MUCH!



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