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So who is going to Pam Dennison tomorrow?

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I think just me!


Hey - Pam has asked if anyone plans to purchase any of her books at the seminar so she can bring enough. So if you want to purchase any (she has four) let me know and I will pass the info on.


See you tomorrow! (I posted some info that was on the yahoo group below)


Subject: Sugar Bush Farm


Just a reminder that our Pam Dennison training is this Saturday from 10 to 4 at Sugar Bush Farm. Directions can be found at www.sugarbushfarm.net_



You may pull in the driveway to the dog building

and park up top if you want, or park along the side of the road, or in my driveway, or under the maple trees in the front of our house.


There are two fully enclosed play areas to the left of our house if anyone needs to get their zoomies out. I will have my dogs in by 8:30 a.m. so if you arrive before then make sure there are no b&w kiddos out and about before venturing down. The fenced area below the agility building is the outdoor agility field, there just isn't any equipment out at the moment, winter and all:)


Please bring a chair for yourself and crate(s) for your dogs as well as training treats as I have a feeling we'll be doing lots of training!

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What classes are you taking? Please please give a report. I was considering taking Shep there last year prior to him seeing Karen Overall. She has some classes for a aggressive/reactive dogs. She talked on the phone with me and was very generous with her time.


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The title of the seminar is "Rehabbing Foster Dogs" but is it really for all dogs. The seminar is for working on behavior modification to make our own dogs better mannered and to improve the odds of the rescue dogs getting adopted.

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