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I was watching a rerun of the 2007 Final of One Man and His Dog on TV last night and virtually throught the whole 90 min programme Kye's eyes were fixed on the screen.


With a rescue dog of unknown origin I could almost believe that the sound of the whistles was familiar but that's unlikely as I know he was acquired by a family as a young pup and has never shown any signs of previous exposure to sheep.


Strange - he's seen other dogs on TV without giving them such attention and he's seen plenty of sheep in real life without showing much interest.


Good to see some well known dogs in action and in particular seeing local lad Michael Longton with Monty for England easily beating Aled Owen and Roy for Wales on that occasion. Not just national pride, county and even city pride.


Pity I've only just spotted that the shows have been on again and now the run has finished.



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I (we as it turned out) was watching something on t.v. one time about Border Collies and herding in Scotland I believe. Every time the man whistled, he had Scooter's full attention. He was very interested in that particular show, and he's never even seen a sheep. :rolleyes:

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