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Where to get USDDN frisbees?

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The place where Z and Kes go for agility is starting up a toss and fetch frisbee team. I need good beginner discs that are USDDN approved in time for our first throwing lesson on the 12th and am having trouble finding them locally. Anyone have any suggestions for good beginner discs and places to purchase them?


The team organizer is recommending wrightlife.com but I figured I'd also ask here to make sure I'm not missing a better source.

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I haven't tried any other brand of discs but I like Hyperflyte Jawz - they should be an approved disc for you (I do skyhoundz and fddo). They also sell misprints - and also look for them on Amazon as misprints.


I had to start River on their soft disc because she won't catch a regular disc because I had trained her with only a floppy disc. After a month or so of the soft, I switched to regular and she was fine. BTW, I can compete w/ the soft if I want - it's also approved. :rolleyes:


Have fun!

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Good to know you can get Jawz misprints, too - I had only seen the Fastback misprints on DTWorld and I know Kes' bite would kill those quickly. Z may need the slightly smaller regulation disks - she's just a half inch too tall to be allowed to use the Pup size discs. :rolleyes:

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