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update on some high listed canned foods and raw feeding

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For the price .99 cents chicken soup for the soul looked gross and was poorly received here.


Neura 95% meats by old mother hubbard was 1.45 a can but, it had a huge quantity in a small can it could have easily fed 3 dogs down side it had to be scooped out.


The merrick is going in kongs and frozen so at 1.67 a can I can do 4 kongs but, man they love that stuff.


My husband is objecting to the cooking of livers and such due to the smell so I will have to do that occassionally.


Raw poultry with bones was poorly received and made both dogs a bit sick.


So untill I can afford a beef alternative I guess totally raw will be suspended.

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I think I might have mentioned this once before. But, in case I haven't, Sam's club sells Beef 'n More canned dog food. The first 7 ingredients are: Beef, beef broth, beef lung, beef liver, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas. It is made by Merrick and costs just under $11 for a case of 24 cans. It smells alot like canned beef stew!

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