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Outrun Press is on a roll! We're pleased to announce our third book for 2009. Book 3 in the "Tam" series by Sharon Northrup is our latest title: LARK'S RETURN. It's a wonderful read, as are all of Sharon's "Tam" books. Although these books are suitable for young adults, I want to stress that they are really *not* "children's books" in the pure sense of the word: the human characters are decidedly middle-aged. Sharon is especially adept at getting at the ways in which our feelings about our dogs can color our human relationships--jealousies, irritations, and even friendship and love. Each of the three books can be read in a couple of hours, making for a pleasant way to spend a winter afternoon. Here's a quick summary of the three books:

* Book 1: TAM: A BORDER COLLIE tells the story of Tam, a sheepdog imported from Scotland who is sold several times, ultimately winding up with Gwen, a Colorado rancher.

* Book 2: TAM'S PUP is about Gwen's efforts to train Punk, a loose-eyed, active, bullheaded border collie who does better than anyone expected or predicted.

* Book 3: LARK'S RETURN describes Gwen's work in rehabilitating Punk's sister Lark, who is returned to Gwen after Lark's first trainer handled her harshly and nearly destroyed her confidence.

In addition to offering LARK'S RETURN on its own, we're offering all three books at a special, discounted price. Also, from now until Christmas, all orders will be shipped priority mail, to ensure that they're received in time for Christmas. (Let us know if you need express shipping and we'll work something out with you.)


To order the books, go to www.outrunpress.com/catalogue/

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I got all of Sharon's books as a Christmas present for my niece. I read them first! They are wonderful sweet, positive stories! I truly enjoyed them!

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