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Shiloh's First Herding Class!

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We went to Shiloh assessment today and the first of many herding classes for our little guy. Shiloh was pretty excited and was a mess on his leash when we first arrived. Our trainer mentioned that we may want to consider some leash training and that Shiloh needs to learn a bit of respect on lead..... I tried with a few excuses about being on snow for the first time, he's just 7 months and there's sheep in the field....but when Shiloh started to cry and cough from pulling so hard, I had to agree! Her dogs were perfect, laying down for 30-40 minutes at a time- not a bark or cry or whimper. Shiloh was barely able to hold a down( his little butt moving all over the place) and crying like crazy once he saw the sheep.


I was there with my husband- who was handling Shi. We listened, we watched and then we had a go! Shi was on a long line as we practiced circling the sheep. He was pretty excited but learned quickly which side to be on. Eventually Scott(husband) let him off the long line. Shi was good- calm and walked at the right pace with Scott. He started to get a little distracted and then went in to chase the sheep! The flock of 3 split up and the little one jumped against the gate fell over!! Scott stepped on the line stopping Shiloh to let the chaos pass ( and make sure the little sheep was ok) and started up again.....


It was amazing to see Shiloh work. He circled, tail down....following Scott's lead with the big staff... he even found the easy way to pin the sheep against the wall of the barn and hold them ( not what we wanted though!). The most amazing part was watching learn and gain confidence in his ability. After an hour ( of watching her dog in action and working a couple 5 or 10 minute stints) he was able to move the sheep from the wall, circle clockwise, turn directions and the grand finale was when our trainer said the sheep were tired and it was time to stop- she told Scott to move in front of Shi, which he did, Shi stopped and immediately lay down...... amazing!!


We got great feed back about his natural ability! So proud of our little guy!!


I now understand what everyone has been talking about- These dogs have this amazing gift inside of them....Shiloh just "knew" what to do and took the signals based on Scott's body language..... It was an awesome and inspiring morning for us and our big city dog- It felt like he was able to really come into his own. We start weekly lessons after the holidays.


I wasn't able to take pictures as I ended up being the sheep's favorite hiding spot- so I had to be on guard to protect my knees!

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Sounds like you had a good time at least. It takes a long time for both of you to learn all of that stuff. Now you have some good things to work on with Shiloh too. Glad you had a go with it and keep it up! Try to get pictures next time too :rolleyes:

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