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Question about puppy's coat

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I know puppies lose their puppy coat, so this question is really moot, but it has me perplexed.


Ticket might be a full BC, but he could be part something else (I'm beginning to think some kind of bear). His front half, from his head to about the middle of his body, has long silky fur. His back half, however, is course and nappy, with little tufts. It almost feels like it's matted, but a comb goes through it and nothing comes out with a slicker brush. Even after a bath, he feels like two different dogs. My other BC mixes aren't like that; one has a medium/short wavy coat, and the other has a velvety soft short coat with a very thick undercoat.


I've never been around a baby BC before (he's about 10 weeks), so I'm curious if this sounds familiar to anyone. Actually, I've never been around a puppy of any breed that has a double-coat, so maybe it's not unusual. I had an afghan years ago and she was silky all over as a pup, but they don't have much of an undercoat.

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The rescue I'm with recently had an interesting dog like that. She was about a year old and looked like a little bear. Likely chow cross or something. But the front end of her was nice and soft and silky and the back end was a completely different kind of fur. Not wiry like a terrier, but way fuzzier and not nearly as soft. She really did look like 2 different dogs put together. Granted, her coat may have had a lot to do with lack of care, being a stray and a crappy diet of garbage. Sorry I'm not of any help though!

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I have no idea if he is a full BC, he was a rescue pup.


Chow, eek! I hadn't thought of that (I'm not a big Chow fan), but his coat is more like a Chow than a terrier. I hope that it's lack of a good diet and it will sort itself out in time.


Whatever he is , he's cute. When he gets a little older , send a picture to the boards for a "guess the breed" :rolleyes:

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