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  1. Oooo La La Ticket! Your slip is showing! I like it. Thank you for all of your comments, but I guess it comes down to there being no answer. Since I can't afford DNA tests (I really couldn't test one dog and not the others), I'll just have to wait and see what he grows up to look like. So far we have: Ears like some kind of spaniel; paws like a Landseer; color of a BC; front half of a BC coat; back half of a nappy coat like a Chow or something; a low-set tail stuck on for no particular reason; and the stubborn attitude of a terrier. He is also completely water-proof. I was thinking
  2. I apologize if this has been asked before, but I searched the threads (and even the web) and can't find anything. I have an 11-12 week old BC mix. He was a rescue, so I don't know what he is mixed with and look forward to see what he will end up looking like. Anyway, ears. I know a little about ears, in that they come in many shapes and sizes, and that he is too young to really know how they will ultimately be set (although at this point I'm sure they won't be fully pricked). For the last week or so, every time I turn around, one or both ears are flipped backwards. Since the cartilag
  3. A little video of my gang out in the snow: Canines of the Bells
  4. I have no idea if he is a full BC, he was a rescue pup. Chow, eek! I hadn't thought of that (I'm not a big Chow fan), but his coat is more like a Chow than a terrier. I hope that it's lack of a good diet and it will sort itself out in time.
  5. I know puppies lose their puppy coat, so this question is really moot, but it has me perplexed. Ticket might be a full BC, but he could be part something else (I'm beginning to think some kind of bear). His front half, from his head to about the middle of his body, has long silky fur. His back half, however, is course and nappy, with little tufts. It almost feels like it's matted, but a comb goes through it and nothing comes out with a slicker brush. Even after a bath, he feels like two different dogs. My other BC mixes aren't like that; one has a medium/short wavy coat, and the other has
  6. He is sooo cute! I wish they would stay puppies longer. Ticket is growing up way too fast! :-(
  7. Hi from Nevada! I've got a BC mix, and a BC/ACD cross, so I know what I'm in for, but I've never had a little puppy before. "Ticket" is about 9 weeks old now. He is a rescue, so the age is approximate, as is the breed. He looks like he might be 100% BC, but I'm not sure. His ears look a little "spaniel" to me, but I've only seen pictures of BC puppies - then again, if I stare at him long enough, I begin to think he's a black & white Brittany. That could be the wine. I've had him a week now, and he seems to have grasped that Nothing in Life is Free. He's also learned a couple o
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