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I'm back reunited with my guys

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We drove 24 hours from St Pete Back to Pa. I have sun poisoning even wearing sun screen.lol We had a great time but, we're exhausted.


I picked up the guys at moms and Dal was thrilled to see me. He ran right up as soon as he heard the van. He even gave me kisses. Maddie I think would have stayed at moms there was Dog food bowls everywhere with that many dogs. She's an opportunist if there ever was one.


Well I'll catch up more Later but, it's good to be Home.

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Sheryl, glad you made it home safe and sound! Even with sun poisening. Which, I don't know what it is, but I hope you recover okay! We got Skip tonight! There are pics in the gallery! Maddie is a stinker! She just wanted to let you know she didn't care a whip about you being gone! NOT! Get some rest, then post pics and let us know all about trip!



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Sun poisioning is basically blistered burns. Not good.


I feel like I have so much to do. Mom says that we need a new agility teacher as they are closing the school.


I need to get Maddie's radio collar she's taken to wandering or barking constantly when tied.


I gave all my treats to mom So I have to get restocked. I also only have 8lbs of dog food left and no idea how long that will last with 3 dogs esp the one growing like a weed.


She gained 1.5 lbs in a week. For a total of 18.2lbs at 14 weeks. I wonder if she will stay a medium?


The only real good part is moms house in FL has a washing machine and dryer so no huge piles of laundry. yeah!!!

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Sounds like you got a shopping trip in your very near future! Wow, I didn't realize Maddie is so close to Skip's age! Only 5wks apart! He was born 5-15! And I was right, he could have come home the 4th of July! Bill was busy traveling so it wasn't possible till now.

Blistered sun burn is BAD! You poor thing! Do you have some aloe to put on it? That works great!


Sounds like Maddie pigged out at "grandma's"!!


Yay on no piles of laundry! That's the best! LOL


So who will be the new instructor?

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