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Ok Tweak is guesstimated to be between 8-10 weeks old. (We're leaning more towards 8, according to her size and teeth.) I've had her since Friday. Since Friday, she has learned:




-Shake (with both paws...omg its so cute, I ask for 'Paw' for her right, and 'Other paw' for her left, when I say the word you can see her pause to think about which leg she has to lift and place in my hand to get the treat!)

-Wave (Only with the right paw)

-Spin Around (Still heavily guiding this one, but she's doing it very quick now as opposed to just stumbling after my hand.)



I cannot express to you how incredibly FLOORED I am by this little pup's learning curve. My Ido dog is smart, don't get me wrong...but I got Rune at 16 weeks, Ido at 12 or so weeks. They caught on, they learned, but at the time I never really pressed my luck to see how much they could really soak up. I've worked with quite a few dogs/puppies since then, I've learned a lot, too. I usually do not work on training my fosters much beyond sit, wait and potty training. But since I've taken little Tweak in under my wing I decided to really put some work towards training her...(Can you tell I'm leaning towards keeping the little heathen?) And O. M. G. she is amazing!!!


Update on her seizuring:


Doc visit went well, and by all outward appearances she is a healthy puppy. Now, just going by what her original home stated ("she fell down and started shaking") and taking into consideration 2 of the three witnessed events were witnessed by children, and she was being kept outdoors in a pen in the COLD, the doc and I both reached the conclusion that she may *not* have had a seizure to begin with...And until she does, and we witness it, we're not going to do anything extensive. She is eating, she is playing, she shows no neurological symptoms of any sort thus far...She's going to work with me every day for the next few weeks, so I can monitor her.


I have no problem monitoring this all day :rolleyes:



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It it amazing. I see people in obedience classes all the time that don't think puppies are as clever as they are and think they need to wait till the dog has developed bad behaviors before they start training them....go figure....

Puppies are extremely smart and they will soak up anything you throw their way. My older girl learnt most of her 30+ tricks (the ones on command) before she was 6 months old. I am with my 5 month old taking things extremely slow though so i have only taught her 2 tricks (cover her face with her paws and speak) focusing more on default behaviours. When i go to the beach i train my girls and as we walk along the path i will put them in a stop (mainly for the puppy but its good practice for my older one too) and walk away, and i am not just talking 20m but more like the point where i am not quite out of earshot. People are dumbfounded i can release my older girl and my pup will stay put until i release her seperately (when its not really that hard because puppies are just so clever!) She is quick, accurate and almost never wrong when we train. If i wanted to i could teach her a new trick every 10 minutes. But i have to excercise some self control and not get too far ahead of myself. :D She would have been able to learn just as much at 8 weeks, than at 8 months or 8 years!

By the way Tweak is just the most adorable little thing. I was never one to like too much white on a border but since i got my white girl the split faces have grown on me, just beautiful! There would have to be something seriously wrong if you didn't give in to her puppy dog eyes. :rolleyes:

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