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Next I teach Cody to dust and vacuum!

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Just wanted to share a cute BC story.


I have taught Cody (5-months old next week) to get his two toys out of the crate each morning and put them in the toy basket in the next room.


I figured since my 11-year old daughter won't help me straighten up and clean house, I'll get my BC trained early!


What a fun thing I taught him, and boy, is he smart! Just one or two tries and he knows what to do!

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It was easy to train him. I asked him to "take" the toy, and then walked with him toward the toy basket with a treat. So he kept dropping the toy wanting the treat, but eventually he held onto the toy until he came to the basket. If he dropped it near the basket, I then picked it up in the same hand as the treat hand, then put the toy in the basket myself and said "good boy" like he had done it. Over a few days, he "got it" that he was supposed to put the toy INTO the basket, not next to it. I praise him profusely the moment he actually drops the toy into the basket and give him a good treat. Now he is doing this regularly when I say "put your Kong (or ball or whatever) into the basket".

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I taught Dazzle to clean up by shaping the behavior (once she was picking up the toys, I introduced the basket and let her put the two together).


Best trick you can teach them! Very handy.


Plus the other tricks like that:

Close the door, turn on/off the light, turn off the faucet, get the keys, etc.


Very fun tricks to teach! Way to go Cody!

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