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Chicago's new Director of Animal Care and Control


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Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 11:46 PM


This message below is from the Alliance of Chicagoland Pet Owners, and concerns a potentially critical decision regarding the choice for Chicago's new Director of Animal Care and Control. Permission to forward and crosspost granted.


Margo Milde




A message from the Alliance of Chicagoland Pet Owners - Please read, phone, and crosspost widely!


Permission to Crosspost WIDELY….NOW!!!!! Time sensitive material!!!!


CHICAGO ALERT: Tuesday November 24, 2009 5:30pm


We have just been notified that the Mayor of Chicago is in the process of placing a name for appointment to the position of Chicago Director of Animal Care and Control. The position is presently being held by Acting Director Sandra Alfred. The information we have is that the new appointment Mayor Daley is about to present to the city council for approval, possibly as early as tomorrow November 25th, 2009 is Ms. Cherie Travis JD. She is Associate Director, Center for Animal Law at DePaul University . Her Bio states that she has an extensive background in animal welfare (we know it is Animal RIGHTS) and animal law.



It is well known that she has worked very closely with PAWS and HSUS in their initiatives to push Mandatory Spay/Neuter in Chicago in the past. A credible source has stated that the mayor’s office could have taken anyone from across the country to fill this position in animal control, and Mr. Craft who works in the Animal Care and Control department at this time would be the right and most logical person to be appointed to fill the position, SO WHY CHERIE TRAVIS??? There are Animal Rights related politics at work and we MUST get this stopped if we want to keep Chicago as the pet-friendly city that we know it to be!



Anyone in the city of Chicago and anyone who can help must call/ FAX/ EMAIL the numbers below tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. If you own a pet, and live in the City, you definitely should call! If you work or shop in City, or visit friends or relatives in the City, or attend dog shows, training class, or a vet clinic in the City, you also should call!!! Finally, if you live outside the city, but have a friend or relative in the City, please pass this message on to them. The most important number to call is definitely the MAYOR of Chicago, Richard Daley.



We need help now!!! This appointment if it is approved will mean that Mandatory Spay/Neuter might be a very real possibility in the City of Chicago in the near future, since Cheri is politically close to the backers of Mandatory Spay/Neuter in the City of Chicago. PLEASE CALL TOMORROW MORNING!



Thank you in advance,


ACPO- Alliance of Chicagoland Pet Owners



Below are numbers to phone or Fax, and email addresses, to say NO to Cheri Travis as Director of Chicago Animal Care and Control!



312 744 3300

Direct to His Honor’s Office


Alderman Gene Schulter


312-744-1509 FAX



Alderman Ed Burke


312-744-5932 FAX

Email to aide: vmirabelli@committeeonfinance.org

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