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Introducing Tim, the newest addition to BorderSmith Kennel. He is by Shep, a younger full brother by AI breed to Bobby Henderson's Bill, off his International Supreme Champ, ##Sweep. Tim is out of a dynamic hill bitch that was imported from former International Supreme Champ, Julie Hill, and one of the best females I've seen in this country. Haven't seen them all, but I quite like Molly!


I will be incorporating Tim's story alongside Kensmuir Star's in my weekly training diary, The Real Time Canine. In honor of Tim's arrival, I am offering a two-for-one special and until the end of the year you can get a 6 month subscription for $10, the price for 3 months. I will be writing about Tim's introduction to the pack and early training as well as continuing with Star's training on stock and his upcoming maiden nursery trial. I hope you will join us.


Cheers all,

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Congrats, Amelia. I LOVE my Molly pup, who is 20 months old. I fell for Molly the first time I saw her working nasty range sheep at Coalinga. I haven't seen much of Shep, since I don't really have a trial dog now and haven't been out as much as I would like.


You probably remember my Brook playing with Star at the spring Porterville trial. If I really work on training (we've been doing mostly chore stuff) we might get to a few nursery trials. No biggie if we don't. I'm not going east for the finals.


Have fun with the new pup!



Jennifer S.

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