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Tobey and Izzy Saw Sheep Again Today

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Izzy has some skill, but because she is a mix, the mix side is getting in her way of thinking and it all breaks down.


Tobey has no clue what a sheep is and really didn't care to be in the pen one way or another.


The plus side? I got to work Maid and 18 month old who is super smart and the sweetest dog. I wish I wasn't third in line to get her!


It's 100% official official. After giving the come-bye! and A-Way and the Walk Up and Lie Down for about 30 minutes and the dog doing it, I'm in. I can't wait to do it again and start trialing.


Oh and I saw this little firecracker of a dog named Juno who is 12 weeks get in the pen too, she crawled under the pen's rails. She's gonna be a champion....no way Carol is gonna give her up!


That is all.



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