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This may sound odd, but as we are going through Hoku's Angle/Devil adolescent swings, we have noticed a possible correlation between giving him his monthly Heartguard and Frontline, and a noticeable upswing in the devil side. We have been hiking alot, and he has been *great*, excellent recall, polite to other dogs and hikers, we haven't had to use the 50 line in a few weeks, even around cattle on our neighbours ranch. He's just a joy to be with. We gave him his monthlies on Saturday, and yesterday he took off up to the road (a big no-no), blew off my call, pranced around and would not come to me for anything. Barked at the neighbors, ran away, just b*a*d dog stuff. I was so mad I could spit. As a matter of fact, I probably did!


My question is, has anyone else ever noticed any behavior changes with either Heartguard or Frontline? Most likely it's just coincidence and the adolescent rollercoaster (he IS 16 months old :rolleyes: ). But he seems 'out of sorts' the last couple of days, and his last outburst of badness was around his monthlies, just makes me wonder....

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OK, I was sitting here thinking "monthlies" was a really anthropomorphic (and inaccurate) euphamism for heat. Obviously I read Vikkers' post first.


There might be something to that. Have you tried switching meds? I do know a couple different people whose dogs are allergic/sensitive to Interceptor, and if you are using Heartgard Plus, my vet doesn't sell it anymore because the "plus" part was apparently not agreeing with some of her clients.

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