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semi OT I'm flabbergasted.

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This dog looks just like and the describtion reads just like my Libby but she is supposed to be white Lab and Golden Retriver mix.







group: hound

/scenthound height: 21-27.5"/

53.34-69.85 cm

weight: 55-73 lbs/

24.94 -33.11 kg


colors: white with pale light tan, cafe au lait, light orange, lemon blanket or mottling, markings

physical traits: tall, quick reflexes

hair type: thin, short, stiff, glossy


temperament: intelligent, stamina, quarrelsome or argumentative with pack, melodious voice


special needs:

little grooming, easy to train, protect from cold, exercise, not for city life


origination: France, from the Kings White Dog and small Swiss Hounds or possibly from extinct Ceris, Poitevin, Montemboeuf and Montainboeuf and Larye hounds

bred for: large and small game hunting/tracking, pack hunting roe deer, wild boar

identifying traits:

ideal for: companion, trailing, tracking

good with kids? yes

life expectancy: 12-13 yrs

of interest: very rare, rarely seen outside homeland, might be related to Harrier

kennel clubs: ukc-(scenthound group), fci-(scenthounds-large size)




WEIGHT: 55-66 pounds


HEIGHT: 24-26 inches


COAT: Short and smooth


COLOR: Almost pure white, with orange or lemon spots on head and body




GROUP: Hound



Developed in the last century by G. Hublot du Rivault, the Billy received its name from Ri-vault's Poitou estate. Rivault used three breeds, all of which are now extinct, in the development of his dogs. The Ceris was a small, graceful, bright orange-spotted hound used for hare and wolf. Montaimboeufs were large, strong, handsome, and fast dogs used for wild boar; they were also pale orange/white. The Larrye, noted for its exquisite nose, was the creation of Emile de Mauvisse, Count of Villars, in the early 1800s. This occurred in the region of Poitou. Mauvisse is believed to have used what was left of the Poitevins—and then named the breed after the Marquis de Larrye, who founded the Poitevin. Through careful linebreeding, these breeds became the Billy.



The Billy hound is lean-headed with a small, flat ear. He is resourceful and clever, a hound of acute scent, with a light and harmonious voice. He is a master deer hunter, and his pleasing bay—trumpeted through the valleys—differs in tone by the greatness of the game he has sighted. He is sensitive to cold and, when not working, is reported to be a bit quarrelsome with his fellow pack mates. Unknown outside his homeland, his current status in France is not well documented. Although nearly extinct after the last war, a group has fostered his comeback.



Libby and her sister Gibby who was more orange colored had to be separated due to fighting. Libby is very fickle about other dogs. She hated the JRT, was fine with Maggie( border collie), tolerated Blake ( large golden), hated Blaze( large golden), jumped on Tuck once and I keep a hawk eye on her behavior with Sam. But Sam doesn't stay with her for hours on end either.


This dog above even has the same vein lines in the face. Frankly, if it was a female I would bet money on the fact that someone took a picture on Libby. Only difference I can find so far is her coat is thicker ( now it didn't use to be). As far as vocal goes Libby has a very wide range and she is heard long distances. Let's just say Libby can out do a siren. In fact this dog is even in her usual stance.

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Isn't that odd?


With the stray dog that landed at my doorstep my first just thought "husky mix" but later I went through some really good breed books and some of the rare breeds look (and act) just like her!


Maybe you really have, not a mix, but a Billy! Makes you wonder about things doesn't it?

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If Libby's really Golden/Lab, she wouldn't have quite the long, lowset "Hound Ears" that the Billy has. Where I lived in VA, the shelters get a lot of "foxhound crosses", because of all the active hunt clubs in the area (and stupid people who leave their in-heat females outside). Foxhounds can come in a "lemon and white" variety that is pretty close to a light yellow lab color - only when you see them up close, there usually mottling (freckles) and a "saddle back" or blanket pattern of some sort (like the Billy seems to have).

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I've always thought she was a lab/golden cross but her narrow face, long nose, knot at top of head and soul full eyes have always been kinda odd. I think Laurie hit the nail on the head. A hound dog thrown in the mix would account for those things; plus her vocal abilities. We got her when we lived in Ga. but we got her just over the river in South Carolina. Hunting dogs were big around our area. Regardless of what she really is, She is Family.

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the hounds (one bassett/beagle, one american foxhound) I've owned were the sweetest, most mellow dogs ever - very low key and "pack oriented" - but wow, did they have a voice! :eek: Your girl looks like a sweetie- maybe she's hound-crossed, but definitely the permanent ball in the mouth is some sort of retriever gene...

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