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I got a scare last night

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Man Black Jack scared me last night! I was out there after my supper like I alwas do to brush him. I took off his collar and started to brush out some small knots and all of a sudden he started to shake really bad, like something scared the *poop* out of him. Then he wouldn't come to me or anything. He just stayed by the door in a little ball. I thought maybe an upset tummy or something becaue he looked kind of like he was going to throw up. But it turns out he just really had to go to the bathroom. I felt so much better after he was back to normal. Man I was so nervous I was bouncing off walls. My Mom finally told me to quite climbing up on the counter to see him. (He stays in the porch right off the kitchen) I'm just glad nothing was wrong.


Tonight when I was petting him I got the peaceful *sigh* it was really cool. He hasn't done that before so I was really happy :rolleyes:

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It sounds like he did get scared...Could you have triggered some old fear of his, if he was shaking? You said he's been abused.


Kessie still has these moments even after two years :rolleyes: . I can run after her or pick her up and throw her into a snow drift and she just comes back for more, but certain things still make her act as if she's going to get attacked.

At our recent herding lesson, our trainer gave me a long stick to guide her with, to emphasize my body language signals, and when she saw me coming with a stick and a purpose she tucked her tail in and started running away. Got rid of the stick, she got right back to normal.

I'm not one who's much into revenge and punishment and stuff like that, but when I think that some big "man" hurt that fragile little creature (all of 31 lbs now, and even smaller then), and used a f***ing WEAPON to protect his poor self while he did it...what a f***ing hero! :mad:


Sorry, rant over. Point being, he may have "triggers" like that as well, and it'll take you some time to find them all out, but it's nothing to do with his trust in you.


And I love that sigh as well

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Yeah, maybe it was because I was standing over him to brush him. I'm still finding those triggers out, most of the time everyday. But each time he gets scared he comes back to me happy faster and faster now. It took an hour or more when I first got him home but now it's maybe ten minutes and he's playing again.

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