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Update on West who still needs your prayers and healing thoughts

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This synopsis of the symptoms West has or is experiencing. Today according to the vet he has neither gained or lost ground. His glucose is back up to a low normal level and white cell count has dropped slightly. Today they are leaning more toward a fungal infection of some sort and he is being put on a human grade antibiotic/antifungal cocktail. If your dog or any dog you know has had the following symptoms please please let me know what the result or diagnosis was. We did find a second dog that had similar symptoms unfortunately this dog past away.



This West Miller, Mary Ellen's 2 year old BC and heart dog is in very critical condition at an animal hospital in Allentown. The prognosis is grim and Al and Mary Ellen are heart borken.

Three weeks ago Mary Ellen found a small lump near West's Lymphnode. This lump grew very quickly and was accompanied by a fever that could only be controlled with regular doses of antibiotics. The doctors have not to date been able to pinpoint what is causing the fever or the infection. To date, this is a mystery illness.

Last week the lump was removed, a biopsy was done (non cancer) and West seemed on the road to recovery . Sunday, when one dose of antibiotics was missed, the fever came back so that by Monday he was back in the hospital.

Yesterday, an interist saw him and during the day things went from bad to worse. His internal lymphones are also infected, he has fluid in his lungs and he was failing fast. The doctors have done a culture on the fluid they pulled from his lungs which should be back on Friday. In the meantime, West is on heavy doses of antibiotics and life support liquids (glucose, plasma....) . He is in intensive care. If he survives then a decision on future treatment will be made on Friday.

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