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  1. He sure is a handsome one. I like the split face! Lisa
  2. Thanks for the info. I've only been to one trial. It was at Away2Me farm in Puxico, Mo. I didn't know much of what was going on - mainly just curious. Lisa
  3. Wish I could meet them. I bet they're very high-in-demand people!
  4. I checked out the USBCHA website. That's neat to think my dogs' grandpa is doing all that!!
  5. Thank you!! I've just realized this must be the same Jack & Kathy knox that are listed on my dogs' pedigree!
  6. I have 2 dogs that have "Ettrick Meg" as their Dam. The parents of Meg are Ettrick Tweed & Peg, both owned by Jack & Kathy Knox. Thanks for the info. Lisa
  7. I'm new to all the BC pedigree stuff. I was looking at my dog's papers this evening. Can someone tell me what "Ettrick" means?? I asked on "Google," but it didn't tell me anything. Another question . . . what does "IMP." mean, like Imp.Don or Imp.Meg?? Sorry - this is probably a kindergarden question to most of you. Thanks for any responses. Lisa
  8. Can anyone tell me when Jack Knox has another clinic coming up??
  9. Thanks for your posts. I was really hoping no one suggested shooting the dog! I know six bc is probably too many for me, & I could handle one or two a lot better. Three of them (Sophie, Bear & Rebel) are pups out of Sadie, my first bc that past away in February. I can't bear to part with them. But I get mad at myself because I don't have enough time to spend with them all individually. My horses are very jealous. I need to spend more time with them too. Not enough hours in the day. Harvest, kids & keeping a school bus schedule. I'm ready for summer break already! I'll try walking Ike on a long lead today. We have to pick pumpkins. I think I'll take him to the patch with me.
  10. I have 4 bc of my own. Recently I acquired 2 more: one female, one male. The female is a littermate of my 21 mo. old male "Max." The owner of the other two & I had talked on the phone about our dogs when they were just pups. In August she called to ask if I would could provide her dogs with a home, as her husband now is very ill. She knew I was aware of the needs of a bc, and didn't want to take them to a shelter. Our local shelter (50 miles away) is a kill shelter. I agreed to take the dogs after visiting with them, but prayed I wasn't making a mistake. The male is about 16 mos. old, female 21 mos. They had never been around anything but cats, no livestock. Everyday the dogs go with me around our farm. They run 2-4 miles everyday, sometimes twice a day. (I'm on a 4 wheeler). They have their own seperate kennels, and a common playpen. Yesturday, after returning from our morning run, my original 4 dogs go right into their kennels (they know it's breakfast time). Normally Ike (the new male) goes right into his, but this time he ran back out, across the gravel road, under the gate & chased after my goats. The new female ran with him. My great pyr (in a different paddock-with sheep) was going nuts barking. I got to the fence as fast as I could & saw the male had a young goat on the ground shaking it violently. I screamed at the dogs, got the gate open, ran into the field swinging a stick - by this time they'd stepped away from the goat, who was crying with blood on this back. I got the dogs to their kennels, gave medicine to the goat & doctored it's wounds & again later at night, but this morning the poor thing was dead. I felt so sorry for the mama goat. I've lost goats to sickness, but not like this. I was so mad :mad: I gave the dog the silent treatment today. Fed & watered him. He ran around in the playpen, but I didn't let him out like the other five. I don't know what to do with him. I've always heard, "If a dog ever gets the taste of blood, you can never break him from killing." Is that true, or just an old wives' tale???? I really like the female. She sticks close to me, little jealous of the other dogs - she doesn't like to share the attention. The male is kinda different, he acts too busy to be petted, not very personal at all. But when he's is his pen and I'm talking to any of them, he turns his head from side to side & seems very attentive to what I'm saying. I have yet to see him get in the bc crouch position. The female just did it this week. Could it be because they had never been around stock?? One time before, he grabbed hold of a grown goat's ear. I yelled at him, called the other dogs to me to go the pen & he followed. He just scatters the stock & tries to bite them. I've heard some bc are to strong for anything but cattle. Maybe "Ike" is one of those bc. The previous owner wanted me to keep the two dogs together. I need to make some kind of decision. Please help . . .
  11. You have picked a great breed of dog! Whether or not you keep it as a family pet will have to be up to you. I have six bc, and 4 kids. They keep me very busy. My kids are ages 11-18 though. When you can go back to the pet store, look for "Popular Dogs Series" magazine. They have them on lots of different dog breeds. It will say "Border Collies" at the top. There is lots of info in this magazine. It answered a lot of questions I had with Sadie, my first bc. As for the leash, ONLY when you can watch him closely, let him drag the leash with him. He will get use to it quicker. After you've done that a few times, then try to pick it up, but let him lead you first. When he's okay with that, then begin leading him. (It works on big animals too - we show cattle). By the way, what did you name your puppy?? Good luck - Lisa
  12. Thanks all for the info. I looked at the pictures on the petfinder of "Bear." He's a very pretty dog. I'd like to know more about their temperment if anyone actually owns one.
  13. Has anyone ever seen a border collie/great pyrenese (spelling?) cross???
  14. We had some much needed rain here lately! But it was accompanied by lightening & thunder. We only have to have a little rumble in the distance & my 19 mo. old "Max" is ready to come in the house & hide. He has learned to come up on the front porch to the french doors, put his paw on the door handle, and bingo - the door flies open. In comes Max. This week when it was thundering he was joined by my other BCs, who are only 7 mos old. I had already locked the deadbolt on the door. I let them out of the kennels when I heard it thundering & they come up on the porch. I feel safer with them there. A few weeks ago we had a lightening storm. My DH was tending cattle in a pasture & saw lightening run up to a catch-pen made of cattle panels. He said the whole thing lit up. Scared the crap out of him! My kennels are made of horse panels. He asked that if I was afraid it was going to storm, please let the dogs out of the pen before lightening got to close. That way he didn't have to worry about me getting lit up while letting them out. I'm wondering is there any way that I can tend to Max's fear of storms without everybody else getting scared too?? He wasn't afraid of storms last year. Sadie was horribly scared. Much worse than Max. She tore screens off the windows. I just got to letting her inside as soon as I heard a rumble in the distance. (Before she got wet) She'd go straight to the corner of the basement where there is no windows. DH has a BIG problem with letting in all the bcs. They don't behave as well as Sadie did. She was in survival mode. As soon as they come in, it's play time. Our house is quite small. They seem manageable inside one at a time, but all at the same time, is overwhelming. Any suggestions??
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