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Thanks Amelia Smith


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Just wanted to publicly thank Amelia Smith for being such a kind hearted judge and giving out all her wonderful words of wisdom.

I haven't stepped foot on a trial field for over a year. It was hard stepping back out there not knowing what my dog or I could do. With all Micks injuries he's suffered in the past year, I was thrilled to see him go out there and give it his all (even if that might have been a bit to much :rolleyes: )

I know my runs weren't the best but I was thrilled with my dog and my handling skills have gotten better even without getting out there like I need to. It's the chore work, new places (moving 2x's in the past 3 years with new sheep and quite challanging different terrain each move) and new sheep that have helped to make Mick and I a better team.


Your words were truely taken to heart and I will be hearing them in my head the next time I step out on the field.


Wonderful weather, beautiful ranch and good people. Makes me remember why I want to trial.

Working the dogs is an addiction, trialing is social thing for me. Doing both feels good again.


Hope you had as good of time as I did.


Thanks again

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Hi Kristen,


Thanks so much for the kind words. How very nice of you. Bridget and I discussed an open ranch - P/N and Jrs. and I thought it was too much. I was wrong and Bridget was right and Sunday's running was my runaway favorite of the trial. It was just nice to see folks who may not otherwise get a chance, run their dogs in a big, beautiful field on tremendous sheep, and have a good time doing it.


So, while I was thrilled to be a small part of it, the credit really goes to Bridget Strang who persevered against the nay-sayers and made a place for everyone. She combined her vast horse show experience, willing attitude, hard work and uncommon good sense and produced a whale of a trial. Congrats to Bridget, and her mom and dad, Kit and Mike, on their maiden dog trial. Get your entries in early next year people.


Yes, Kristen, absolutely, I had a blast. Thank you again.


Cheers all,

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