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skunk question

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They sure can! Unfortunately.

Have ya tried the Peroxide, Baking Soda, Dish soap, remedy? It works wonders on the dog but wont take it out of collars. :/


Kole got sprayed last year at 11:45pm, well in Ellensburg there is no 24hr grocery so we RUSHED like a racehorse into albertson's and bought that stuff. Bathed him and he smelt fine. But.. our house on the other hand..It was mid summer, hotter then H E Hockey sticks, so all the windows were open Yuck! lol

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Mystery solved, my landlady just came over and told me that when she went to get the paper this morning the driveway gate was open,seems her husband didn't close it last night when he came home,she had closed it just before i let Pearl outside this morning, now i wonder if the skunk is still on the property. hopefully it climbed out of the yard.


Pearl just had a enzyme shampoo then a peroxide wash then some full strength fragrant citrus shampoo and she smells somewhat better, but the yard smells so bad that its hard to tell how much she still smells. she is tied up on the porch sulking about being bathed.

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