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What is she doing??

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between an ovine and a canine?


Jade is infatuated with this lovely girl:




Whenever we see dear Emma at the dog park, Jade is obsessed with her. I've never seen her act this way around any other dog before. She endlessly circles around Emma, tries to head her off (which she does with other dogs, but more so with Emma), and will bark at her and try to nip at her legs to get her to move. I don't usually have a problem with recall with Jade at the park, but she's like a strong magnet with Emma, I can barely peel her off when she's under her hypnosis.


I want to believe that Jade would be intelligent enough to know the difference between a sheep and a dog, but this has me boggled. Why does she act like this with this Newfie??

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She thinks she's a sheep? Jin sometimes does the same thing with a Great Pyrenees/golden Retriever mix that weighs about 125lbs. Don't know why.

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