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Ever heard of Sojos?

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I'm in the process of switching two of my dogs over to it (can't quite make it to the BARF side). I'm not sure what I think of it, but the dogs are slurping it down with glee. And Quinn is starting to romp around the house after his meals. Just what I needed a Border Collie who is even more jazzed than usual


Several years back my cousin began feeding Sojos to her Schnauzer who had pancreatic problems. That dog is now 16 years old. It's supposed to be very palatable.

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"A blend of grains, herbs, nuts and sea veggies"


Looks more suited to hamsters then for dogs.

I didn't see any info on their site stating why a diet full of nuts and grains is benefical to your dogs health.

What exactly are "sea veggies" anyway?

sounds like a marketers way of saying sea weed.

kinda like calling grass clippings "yard herbs"


Think I will stay with the meat and bones.

At 2 bucks per lb thats pricey grain, I can raise elk for less.

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