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Liberty's Little Sister

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I finally went and done what I had been wanting to do for a while...I got a new baby girl. (Ok, so she's closer to 2...but she's still a baby!)


Last week I had to go to the Humane society to see if my mother's cat had somehow been turned in...(long story, he slipped out, blah blah blah...) He was, so he was reunited with my mother...and I took a stroll through the kennels..looking for...Border Collies! I found a little Momma dog, with two 4 mth old pups. What got me about this BC mix is that her expression was so darned sad! I thought at first she wasn't quite a year old--which was feasible as Liberty the Border Collie went into heat at 6 mths (2 weeks before a certain surgery was scheduled, btw)


This little momma had been turned in that very morning after she and the pups plus another momma dog and pups had been dumped off at some woman's farm, so she was being 'quarantined' for a week. So I went to check on her today and was told she wouldn't eat. (She had lost weight from last week. And they said she acted depressed.)


Needless to say, Liberty and Justice have a new sister...her name is Freedom, and from my best guess she is Border Collie and some sort of terrier.


Currently she's in her new crate sleeping.


I'll be posting pics shortly!



And on a side note, I FINALLY found an agility trainer in my area! So Liberty is goin' to school!

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Not bad, very good. All the best to you and Freedom and good luck with the agility training!


Your story reminds me of how we got our Lucky Girl -- we'd lost Woofer, the dog we'd had for 15 years, and my husband swore "No more dogs" (because it hurts so much to lose them) and naturally, I went and got one (This has become a pattern in our marriage). I adopted Willie, a terrier mix with beautiful soft white hair...he was like a big plush dog you'd buy in the store...about 35 pounds and knee high and a cuddler. He was the only dog we'd ever had that wasn't a collie. Ken kinda sniffed at him because Willie was a one person dog and kinda, well, not exactly smart. Then Ken saw Lucky on the town's pound puppy video broadcast on the local cable channel. She was a six month old little scruff, a BC-terrier mix, but smart as a whip. We used to say she spoke three languages. She went through 4-H Dog Obedience with our son, the only mutt, in the club but she beat all the purebreds hands down!


When she died fourteen years later (cancer), Willie died within weeks of her - they were such close companions and he was blind and deaf by that time and depended on her to lead him around. Again, my husband hollered NO MORE DOGS because it hurts to much to lose them and naturally I went back to the pound and found our dear Ladybug who'd been dumped there a few days before Christmas. We got her the day after Christmas, so she did get some turkey:). My husband said, WE JUST NEED ONE DOG!! and we got Scotty a year later through private rescue. When we lost him in Feb., for the first time in our marriage my husband didn't say, "NO MORE DOGS," -- maybe because Ladybug and I were both crying our eyes out for days and days. He said, "We really need another four footed furry critter running around here and I don't mean a cat!" ... so we signed up for a pup...and got two!


Once when we had Ladybug at the vet, one of the Four-H mothers from the old days was there with one of her highly bred labs (she raises and shows AKC labs). She commented that our Lucky Girl was the smartest dog she'd every seen.



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While it was discussed between me and my husband...

He hasn't actually seen her yet. But he also didn't want Liberty...and she's his baby girl now. I expect he'll be a wee bit exasperated with me for a few days...and then he'll be ok.


My one concern at this point is getting Liberty to adjust. within time She's normally very receptive to other dogs..but this is the first one to come into HER world, and she has ALWAYS been the center of attention. I took both Lib and Free out to a friend's house where they could run around like crazy--I live in town, my friend lives on 85 acres--and while they didn't really 'play' together, there wasn't any signs of overt aggression. They'd just sniff each other and move on. Lib 's currently taken herself into the bedroom and closed the door in my face.


Justice is just happy to have two ladies to sniff now!

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