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A general Border Collie description

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just looking for help finding a website/link to a border collie description. I recently found a site(and lost it) that had a link to a wonderful discription of a border collie. LOL It descibe Cressa to a T. Such as: Border collies DON'T HAVE to love everyone and thing, they CAN be indepentant and bitc*y, most border collies HAVE a strong prey drive, and etc...


The website info: The owner/breeder was a CBCA judge (female, i think) I believe she had 4 trial dogs and like 6 or more up and coming dogs. She was located in canada(western i think). It had a simialr set up as this site (http://www.workingbordercollies.ca/)


If you know what/who I am talking about can you send me the link? or If you know of a good border collie discription can you post a link or PM me.


Thanks for any help.

sorry I can't think of more info!

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