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for the Sweet BC Puppy on the side of the road


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For the Sweet little BC Puppy dead on the side of the road yesterday... many prayers, run free. He/she was so young. I hate to see any animal that has been hit by a car, but dogs affect me the most, and border collies even more, and this little guy/girl was so young. Only seen one or two border collies dead on the road, but they stick with me for years. I'm sure he/she belonged to someone in the trailer park across the street, who had no business owning a border collie. I didn't stop, I thought about it. Should I have stopped? I'm pretty sure someone had an unpleasant surprise when they arrived home from work. This one really bothers me. :rolleyes: [/size]

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Do not mourn my passing, for if you could only see

By slipping all my earthly bonds, I'm young again and free.

By day I run the Heavenly fields, my body healthy and strong

At night I sleep at Angels' Feet, lulled by Celestial Song.

So do not mourn my passing, just close your eyes - you'll see

I'm once again that frisky pup, just as you remember me.


~ Author Unknown


Via con Dios, little one...

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