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Well, Poor Roxie had a reaction to the iodine they used to clean her tummy during surgery. The incision is fine, but everywhere that the iodine touched blistered and peeled. So we had to take her back to the vet last Friday, after shots and antibiotics, she is doing great. Stitches come out Wednesday.


Today I took her to Books and Barks in the park, sponsered by the city and the public library. She did great. Just a bit of walking calmly on the leash, we talked to 4 different obedience instructors and walked an agility course. Roxie wanted me to let her go full throttle, but we held back.


She had a blast and used great manners today, the only thing she barked at was the person dressed up in the Clifford the Big Red Dog Costume. She ignored Sparky the Fire Dog and Let McGruff the Crime dog pet her. LOL


We bought her a purple visor, which she loved and wore all day long, along with a pink bandana. I will put up pictures when I can, but we are having computer issues.

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Gotta love those costume dogs. Fergus and Kirra have met the Hobart Council's 'big dog' a couple of times at dogs' day out functions. Fergus loves 'him', and is quite happy to stand up on his hind legs and give 'him' a big hug. Kirra is not so sure.


Sounds like Roxy did great - and it's good that her poor tummy is getting better.

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I hope she gets better. Good job at the park. God Bless

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