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So, the official town rules are "all dogs on leash." At the local park (goes around the reservoir), I can go an hour without meeting anyone, so I usually leave Buddy off leash unless we cross paths with someone. If they have dogs, Buddy goese on the leash, and I call out, "He might not be friendly." If the people don't have dogs, I've been doing some fairly random training: Come. Sit. Stay. Then, when the people have passed us, I release, often treating for good behavior. Mind you, I haven't been all that stringent: Buddy couldn't care less about humans, and ignores them. I only put him in the "stay" in case people are dog-phobic: they can tell he's not going to approach them. I think I'm fairly haphazard about the whole process.


Anyway, today we were walking on the path, and a man turned a corner, approaching us from a good distance. Since he was too far away to require Buddy to stop yet, I just kept walking. But as soon as Buddy saw that there was a person approaching, he stopped in his tracks, turned to me, and started to come to me for his "sit-stay."


I just love that boy!



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