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Novel sheep drench finally launched after 27-year gap




Novartis Animal Health answers today’s critical sheep worming challenges with ZOLVIX. A complete new package of worm control, ZOLVIX is a unique class of anthelmintic that delivers unparalleled efficacy against the major sheep worms, including those resistant to the exisiting classes of drench.The first new class of livestock drench introduced since the 1980s, ZOLVIX transforms the anthelmintic treatments available to sheep producers with:

  • Brand new molecule monepantel – uses unique mode of action to target a receptor only found in nematodes
  • High level and broad spectrum of efficacy – counters all major sheep worms including resistant and multi-resistant strains
  • Impressive safety profile – well tolerated by adult sheep and lambs including pregnant ewes and breeding rams
  • Convenient withdrawal period of 8 days or less (please check local registration)
  • Innovative 3-part OPTIMUM™ drenching system for easy, efficient dosing with less risk and waste



Field study published (read NZVJ_Reprint_57_2.pdf at the link below)

Scientific Pulications


Zolvix is not availble in North America, yet.



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Wild & Woolly Summer 2009

New Anthelmintic: Zolvix®

Zolvix® (monepantel) is a revolutionary, new sheep drench that kills gastrointestinal worms, even those resistant to existing drenches. It is the first product of a new class of resistance-breaking anthelmintics called the Amino-Acetonitrile Derivatives (AADs). It has a unique mode of action and it is highly effective against sheep gastro-intestinal nematodes, including those resistant to other anthelmintics.


The active ingredient (monepantel) acts on a newly identified receptor found only in parasitic worms and is a response to the widespread global problem of anthelmintic resistance. Zolvix® is an innovative brand that offers high efficacy and an impressive safety profile and a very short withdrawal period, which will put worm control firmly back in the hands of farmers and veterinarians.


Zolvix® is manufactured by Novartis Animal Health. It is the first novel drench for livestock for more than 25 years.






Research from New Zealand


Eighteen farms located throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand were used to test the efficacy and safety of Monepantel (Zolvix®), the first compound from the recently discovered amino-acetonitrile derivative (AAD) class of anthelmintics to be developed for use in sheep.

On each farm, sheep naturally infected with the target nematodes were randomly assigned to groups, which were then treated with either monepantel, at a minimum dose rate of 2.5 mg/kg, or one of five other anthelmintics.


Fecal samples were collected from all sheep pre-treatment, at the time of treatment, and approximately 7, 14, and 21 days after treatment. Fecal egg counts (FEC) were measured in all samples. All sheep were inspected at least daily to check for any adverse effects of treatment.


On all 18 farms, on days 7, 14 and 21, the efficacy of the monepantel solution was greater than 95 percent. At days 7 and 14 post-treatment, efficacies greater than 99 percent were recorded in 15 flocks. At day 21 post-treatment, efficacies over 98 percent were recorded in 13 flocks.


Monepantel was as effective, or more effective, than the registered anthelmintics with which it was compared. Moreover, it was effective against strains of nematodes resistant to one or more of the currently available broad-spectrum anthelmintics.


Source: New Zealand Veterinary Journal Volume 57 Issue 1






Zolvix in the United States . . . if and when?

According to Novartis's global communication manager,


"Novartis plans to bring the brand ZOLVIX to as many sheep markets as possible including USA, however, we cannot predict the time of any market introduction as this is dependent upon completing the research and development work specifically to meet each countries requirements and then upon the regulatory authorities assessment of the dossiers. Currently, the product is only registered in New Zealand."

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