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Whining, just started

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River will be 4yrs in a few months. She just started whining in the past week or two.


When I get up in the morning, she likes to wait for me (other dogs were already let out) and will whimper/moan grunts mixed with a small whine when I greet her. Also, if dogs are outside in fenced area and I'm on the other side, she starts whining. You know that just starting to become obnoxious whine like if a dog is crated. As a pup she learned 'Quiet' while crated and it worked great. However, I don't think she knows or she doesn't care what it means now, because it's totally useless. What can I do? I don't want this escalating to whining while at dog events and she's crated (I love that none of my dogs do that and so many dogs go crazy).


She's not a velcro dog, totally independent in the house, travels way ahead when walking with her. Attention to her specifically has not changed.

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I'm going to vote for vet check too, maybe a holistic vet who will be looking for more general signs of something out of sorts than a specific illness or injury.


Every time one of my dogs starts whining and I tell them to pipe down, I wind up eating my words later when I finally figure out what they were complaining about. Every damn time. You'd think I'd eventually learn that they know what they're talking about.

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