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I had my mom make Psyche a tug toy with a treat pouch in it last night. Psyche's very toy motivated, in the means that she likes to play with toys, and will bring you one, but I was having a hard time getting her to understand that toys could be a reward.


So, after some playing with her treat tug, she's finally getting it that it's a reward. I worked on sending her out to jumps and throwing the toy after she was over (to try to keep her moving forward), and at first she was running to the toy, just to smell it. Then, eventually she started bringing it back to me, and soon she was tugging with me after she brought it back.


I'm really pleased with it. I didn't know if it'd help her or not, but I think it's going to.


The real test will be tonight at agility class.

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If she isn't as interested in it at Agility class as she is at home, don't be discouraged. Sometimes that happens and it takes a bit more work for the motivation level to increase enough to compete with in-class distractions.


I hope it all goes well for you!!

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Well, at class she would play with tennis balls, frisbees, sticks, all the stuff she usually did at home, just didn't see it as a reward for doing agility. So, with the treat tug that's what I worked on, and I'm hoping it'll have that same effect at clas, but if not, no biggie, I'll keep trying. :rolleyes:

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I hope she does. There's a lot I'm still training where she gets a treat (2o2o contacts, for example), however, when we're doing a sequence, it'll be nice to have something I can chuck at the end, so she's not always dependent on a treat.


And I love that mom just whipped a toy up for us. :rolleyes::D

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