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Does this make sense to do? I don't want to do anything that might hurt Bandit.


I found some heartworm meds(Intercepter) for my previous dog Mindy. Bandit takes 11.5mg.

tablets I found were (2)- 5.75mg tabs exp apr o6

(2)- 23.0mg tabs exp Dec 07


I am thinking about combining the (2)5.75 for may 4th administering. Then for following 4 months dividing the 23.5mg in halves.


Bandit was checked and started on heartworm meds Thanksgiving. I gave him one of his yesterday. He has one left.

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I am no expert but I would use the smaller tabs without worry, just giving two to make up the right dosage.


BUT, there's been one or more threads about dividing heartworm tabs (use the search function to check it out), and that I would not do. Because of the manufacturing process, the medication might not be evenly distributed throughout the larger tab. Dividing it in two might not produce two correct dosages.


If the larger tabs are still sealed in the original little "bubbles", would your vet take them back, give you credit for them, and let you get the right dosage for Bandit?

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