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A sad ending

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I've been just broke up about this, and while it's a very sad thing to have happened to the folks involved, I don't know why I can't get it out of my mind.


Anyway, last Thursday I happened to notice an ad in the local Craigslist about a lost Border Collie. Apparently the new owners had brought the dog home (from across state) and somehow while getting out of the vehicle the dog bolted, took off (wearing leash, tags and collar) and the new owners were frantic to find it. This is in an area of the state that's very rural, somewhat forested, but also bisected by some major busy highways. I sent best wishes with fingers crossed and good luck mojo on Friday to these folks and went on a weekend trip with Bob, hoping to hear good news when I got back.


Oh geez, I checked my email after returning and the first email received Sunday said he was spotted by folks, but still wouldn't be caught. The prior owners apparently were driving out to see if they could do something. I could sense the hope they had that all would turn out well.


The second email received late that day brought the sad news----he was found dead along a major highway, hit by a car.


Of course I sent my heartfelt condolences and received an email back from the new (and unfortunately last) owner. She's dealing with so much guilt over what happened and doesn't think she'll ever try adopting someone else's dog again. Of course the prior owner is having a hard time over this too.


I may be wrong, but I may have seen this dog's photo and ad in that area's Craigslist offerings awhile back, the dog's name seems familiar.


I feel so bad for everyone involved.

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It's perfectly normal to be saddened by something like this. I was travelling from my motel to a cattledog clinic one morning when I spotted two dogs in the median of a four-lane. Both were black Labs. One was dead and the other was sitting still and quietly nearby. They were obviously buddies and the live one was not leaving his friend's side.


The sad thing is that I called the police and they were not interested in doing anything, there seemed to be no dog warden or other official to lend a hand, and there was just a general feeling of apathy about the fate of either dog. It was largely a case of "not my business".


Why those two were wandering loose is another issue - dogs should not be left to roam (and I've been guilty of that myself in the past, and regret it).


What a shame for that poor dog and his new family.

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That is a very sad story, and you cannot stop thinking what if such a thing happened to ourselves. When I was a child we had a Rough Collie - Cornelia-. She would wait with us at the door for the schoolbus to pick us up. This was the routine for a long time, until once, I still don't know why, she decided tu run after the school bus! I didn't realize this had happened until the kids sitting in the back started yelling, and I helplessly watched how my Cornelia ran into a major street in my city and a public bus hit her.

My bus never stopped, and it wasn't until I arrived at school that I received the message from my parents that she luckily survived. She had some hip problem afterwards -cannot specify which one- but could keep having a relatively normal life and grow old. She would only limp when she was scolded, so that we would feel sorry for her... :rolleyes:

Anyway, that was the hard way to learn how dangerous a roaming dog can be, regardless how "quiet" or "safe" your street can be.

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Yea, it is very hard even it's not your dog. Same goes for me. I always flinch or "Eeek!" whenever I see the animals, dogs or cats ran across the street or too close. My previous Border Collie always take off and want to roam around but we cannot allow her to do that b/c of lousy traffic. She was very lucky that she never got hit by a car b/c she was so close and idiots don't even stop or slow down around her every time she was standing next to the road!!! I remember one time I was so late for work b/c there was a Border Collie kept chasing my car and went front of my car every single time and of course, I have to stop until she gets out of the way but it kept repeating it so I finally got out of the car and chase her back to where she was belong. Obviously, that owner do not know anything about Border Collie b/c I always seeing her in the backyard and tie up on the "run" and she was going crazy b/c nobody is helping her to keep herself "busy" with like balls, Frisbee or taking her a long walk to help her mind to be stable or whatever you call it. A lot of people don't understand that you can't just drive on and assume the dog will get sense to get out of the way. Some dogs are smart to stay away from the cars or get out of the way but unfortunately, too many dogs do not have good sense of "danger" around the car that will kill them or hurt them badly. UGH! I pray it will never happen to my dogs especially my dog Hannah b/c she's deaf! I have trained her that she is not allow to jump out of the car with the door open until I said so. She is so good with the rule!!! I did the same thing with her big brother but once a while he jumped out of the car without permission b/c he's not very good with patience all the times. Aah. I wish it was easier with Nicky! Once a while I deliberately (when there is no traffic or distraction) leave the door when it's open and told him to "wait" b/c I want to reminding him that he's not to forget that he have to wait until I said so not him to decide. I just want to make it habit for him to automatically to wait for me until I said "okay". With Hannah, I give her hand signal like a gentleman open the door for a lady and gesture to her to get out of the car with a left hand from right to left sideway gesture. I don't know how to explain it well. Am I making sense? Anyway, some families I work for who have a dog(s) and I always make sure they're in safe even I have to look for them when they took off or escape from the fence yard not just the kids I take care of. I can't just ignore the cats or dogs if they're in trouble while I'm taking care of the kids. Sorry for my babbling!!! Sometimes I get little carry away with the stories or whatever.


Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear about that Border Collie. Even I don't even know what she looks like or belong to and it's make me sad. I also thinking about other Border Collies as well.

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That is a very sad story. Unfortunately one that is more common that we like to think. I was driving home from Atlanta up I75 a couple of weeks ago and saw what looked like a Brittany Spaniel standing on the side of the interstate. He was dragging a leash attached to his collar and was looking quite worried. I pulled over on the shoulder and spent 15min trying to catch him. Every time I would get too close he looked like he was going to dart into traffic. He finally ran away into the underbrush on the side of the road. Never got him. I called the police but, like Sue, they weren't really interested in doing anything.



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