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Volunteer walking?

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Hi everyone! I've been traveling like crazy and I miss home terribly. Right now I'm in Greenville, SC and heading to Florida later on this week (Clearwater, Coral Springs, Sarasota and West Palm Beach). I was wondering if any of you know of any rescue groups that look for volunteers to walk dogs? There are 3 of us and we could all use some doggie loving time. Thanks!

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offer your services to a shelter. I assume that most other rescues, like us, are run out of volunteer foster homes. I don't need volunteers coming to walk dogs that are already living in someone's house. However, shelter dogs are generally very grateful for the opportunity to get out of the kennel for a walk.


We do have PetSmart in Canada.



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It's cool actually, I went to see a show tonight in Greenville and before the show we were doing a puppet demonstration and I found out the humane society was outside of the building with puppies, so of course I went out to get my puppy fix. I found out that they are on the same street as my hotel so I'm going to walk dogs tomorrow! And there's a PetSmart not far from the hotel as well! Tomorrow is going to be a doggy day!

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