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Won't do a rear cross to the right

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Okay someone please give a suggestion, because I am tired of tripping over my dog or having her do a circle after the jump to go the correct way.


We have no problem with front crosses either side, I can send her to a jump from about 5 feet away (working on distance) I can send her over a jump and she knows the command switch for a rear cross on the left and has no problem with it at all, I can go from front crosses to rear crosses (on the left) and front crosses on the the right to rear crosses on the left no problem. But she absolutely cannot seem to figure out how to do a rear cross to the right.


She will do the on the flat without a jump in front of her, but put a jump in front of her and she has no idea what I am asking. I have tried putting the bar down and having her do it that way and she can't figure it out. I have tried throwing a toy and a food bag the direction I want her to go and still she will not go to the right (she will land on the left and do a circle and go get what I throw).


Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Will she go to a target or a toy or a food tube or bait bag or something like that if it's on the ground? I would start with getting her to drive to something like that while doing rear crosses on the flat (if she won't target or go for her toy, etc then you'd need to teach her that first). Don't throw it, but already have it there and make sure she knows where it is. Then use just a stantion and ask her to rear cross around then, the work up to 2 stantions, then a bar on the ground, etc. Work up to an actual jump. Don't forget to work up to rear crosses on other obstacles also. If you use a clicker, it would be useful for all of this also.


Dogs are one sided just like people are!

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Thank you.


I feel pretty stupid that I didn't think of that as Skye has been targeting to a CD since she started her training. I took the bar down, put the target down, targeted her to the CD several times and it was like a light bulb clicked in her head (usually that is the way it works with her) I put the bar up and now she is doing a rear cross to the right like it was no problem.

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Susan Garrett's Success With One Jump has an awesome fix for this. The dog actually learns its rear cross without a jump first. I don't explain things well. Maybe someone else on here can help with explaining it. Youtube might even have a clip of it.


Is this what you're referring to?


p.s. I love agililtynerd.com!

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Rear crosses are the bane of my existence.


Kristine. I had to do a Google search to see what "bane of my esistence" means. (constant irritant)


Rear crosses are my friend. I really struggle with front crosses, mostly because I often cannot make it to where I need to be to make them.

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