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Husband making sounds about adding another BC

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My husband has been making sounds about getting a friend for Cody. Cody - ( a little over 2) love to play. Duchess ( 5 yrs) plays when she wants ( she is the dominant dog)- but a lot of time likes to watch. Chase, wrestling etc, Cody's love. Husband talking about maybe adopting another 2 year old male. Are we nuts to even consider? Both Cody and Duchess adore each other - and do interact - they just don't play as much as Cody would like to play. Plus - we drive 30 hrs twice a year with the dogs relocating. Cody is such a great dog I think we have been lulled into a sense of this would be no big deal. I have doubts.

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It can work. While we did add our 3rd dog because we wanted to a girl in the group, we also wanted a dog that Sammie would play with. Speedy and Sammie always got along, but never ever played together.


Well, at first Maddie (the 3rd dog) played with Speedy, not Sammie, but when they got older, she and Sammie became very good friends.


They don't really play together a lot, but I loved having 3 dogs. I've found it to be the perfect number. And, having two boys and a girl seems to be a really nice dynamic.

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The only caution I would have is that you likely should look at getting dogs a bit further apart in age for a couple reasons:


1. Two of the same gender *and* same age are more likely to have issues sorting out where they fit in the family.

2. They will both age at the same pace and in the end you will have two senior dogs and their related costs and loss.


I generally try to get dogs at least 2 years apart in age and/or different gender. My current household is a 10yo female, a 2yo female, and a 6mo male. If we keep Laddy, we won't be getting another dog until a spot opens up, so likely a number of years.

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