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So I was just wondering if anyone on here has tried dock dogs? I've seen photos of many wet and muddy dogs and a few leaping into water, but was wondering if anyone competes or has plans to.


We are taking Boots to a local club (unfortunately local means 1.5 hours away :rolleyes: ) practice tomorrow mid-day. Not sure what he'll think about it, but he loves the water, so it should be interesting. If anyone has done it and has any advice I'd love to hear it. We looked over their 'how to get started' list and think we have all the necessities.


We'll keep you posted after tomorrow and let you know how it went :D

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We did our own dock diving, no club but had the pond and the dock!

Jazz is old, but she's still a heck of a jumper when it comes to fetch in the pond! Now we only have a creek, but the dogs are not suffering! They love any water!

Keep up posted on how much fun you had!

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Oh, my gosh...we had so much fun!!!


As I've mentioned before, Boots loves the water. He is big time into swimming, my parents have a small creek that runs through their property and while it isn't deep enought to swim in, digging in the mud is always fun; and his best agility skill is jumping, he has nice form and loves to do it. So put the two together and what a great time he had.


The pool we met at was located at a doggy daycare. There were about 14 dogs; 3 or 4 were club members and their dogs obviously knew what was going on from the first step. Rest of the dogs were newbies. First they had us try the exit ramp, since it was a ramp they the dogs didn't have to leap into the water, and would have us send our dogs several times. So Boots went 2 feet out on the dock, 6 feet out for a short swim, then about 10 feet for a longer swim on the first try; so off to the deck we went. The majority of dogs there were labs or lab crosses; Boots is most likely a border collie/lab mix; but I was shocked how many of the dogs were scared of the water. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that water instinct wouldn't necessarily be in all labs since there are so many bred as family pets anymore, but it still saddened me a little. Anyway, so then we headed to the dock.


Paul tossed the toy the first time. They had a gate to close off the ramp area, but Paul didn't ask to have it put up so Boots ran around the corner of the pool, jumped in and I called him to the exit ramp...so we kind of 'got' it. I had a math professor one time tell this story about tossing a toy into the water for his dog as he walked up the beach. The dog would never plunge into the water, but alway run part way up shore, then jump in. After noticing this, he set up some tests and decided that his dog was doing calculus on finding the route to the toy that used the least amount of energy...kind of off topic, but interesting and I think that was what Boots was doing after the first try.


The second time I took him and we them hold the gate. He ran to the end of the ramp...then tried to run around the gate...I could just hear him; 'Hello, stupid people, this is not the route to use the least amount of energy!!!' But after about 30 seconds of running circles around me, whinning high pitch as I'm saying 'go get it,' which he fully knows what that means he took the plunge.


The third and fourth attempts took no effort to get him to jump and each time he increased the distance and had a huge smile on his face upon exiting the pool.


Most of the new dogs made it off the dock, but a few didn't. The club member who were there were super friendly and helpful :rolleyes: it really was a great experience. The way this club works is that you can go to 3 practices for free, then you have to pay a membership which is only $30 a year so not a bad deal at all. After my first experience I would HIGHLY recommend that if your dog likes swimming, toys and jumping you give it a try, what fun...can't wait for the practice next month. There's a small competition the week after the next practice that I think we might even try. I think Boots' smile was even bigger than when working agility, which I didn't think was possible.

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That's so cool! I would love to do dock diving, but Lucia is scared of the dock :rolleyes: My water obssesive dog will run back down the dock and run into the water from the shore. Even when her favorite squeeky is involved :D If she HAS to go in via a wall or dock, she'll slide in on her belly so her head won't go under. Put a rock or toy on the bottom and she'll practically drown herself getting it. Go figure!


I would love to see pics the next time you go. Flying dog pics are way cool :D

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We will definately take picts next time...took the camera, but then got so caught up in the moment that we completely forgot about the camera :rolleyes: Although, I guess that just means we HAVE :D to go again :D

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I tried it with Zeb, but he failed to see the subtle differences between splashing in the water and splatting on the pavement:

Zeb jumping off the dock.


We made two attempts and I gave up for fear that he would hurt himself. If I tried it again, I would need to find a safer place to practice or have a lot more people around the pool and dock to prevent him from trying a different route to the floating frisbee.

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My entire family of dogs compete in dock jumping, in Splash Dogs...This is a fun sport for any dog, and the BCs love it - lots of splashes to become obsessed about, lol


Gunner and Ryan (handler)

Gunner my bc, was the 2008 Top Border Collie. This past winter he ripped a muscle in the back right leg, here you can see he is slowly coming back to competition form....currently comfy in the 22foot range, and going back up!



Vandal (border collie/jack russell mix) this is my daughter Ally's dog, this little dog jumps in the 16 - 19 foot range and only stands 13 1/2" tall



Aries (bc/mcnab/pit) Ryan's dog (daughter's BF) #1 Mix Breed in Splash Dogs for 2008



Twiztid - even my staffy bull enjoys dock diving!!!


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Melissa- I missed all of you guys too! It feels like we haven't seen eachother forever! I cannot wait for FB practice this weekend!!!

Saw Switch and T2 last night - he is huge, towers over Snipey by like 4"...

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