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Are there such things as private lessons or DVD's one can purchase? I think I have been searching the internet with the wrong key words (or it is just my location) because I am not coming up with anything. Poke loved showing off his frisbee skills at his "photo shoot," so I thought it could be something fun for us to try and learn and mess with at home.


There is a local disc club, but it seems as if they just had a small mutiny with the folks on our side of town, and I don't really want to become a part of the turmoil. We are on their email list, and my blackberry gets constantly emailed, which also drives me a little nuts. They do not have formal classes, just "play dates," and Poke really enjoys class & lesson settings. I would prefer to have him in something strutured since that is what he loves.


Any ideas? I would have no problem watching a DVD and having "class time," with just him and I, I just don't really know how to teach the tricks and what is required if I were to actually have him compete some where eventually.

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Have you tried the skyhoundz website? http://skyhoundz.com/

They have training videos, books, dvds, forums, blogs - and I like their Jawz frisbees (it makes me a better thrower). They also list all competitions on the site, so there might be one near you. I went to my first one last year and competed in it as well. The Distance/Accuracy (D/A) portion is just throwing the frisbee, so it's easy to do and always open to novices.


Our frisbee contingent in the PacNW is super small (like 10 dogs or less at a competition). Our season is just starting next week and lasts thru Aug. and I think there's like 4 competitions plus regionals. But I like the practicing for it the best. :rolleyes:

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Yep, Skyhounds has books and DVDs, but honestly, I wouldn't waste my money. Disc dog is unlike most other dog sports in that there are rarely classes or seminars. Additionally, while there are "moves" that most people tend to do, the essence of the sport is creativity and making it up as you go along--really, you can do whatever you want! You Tube videos are a good place to start. The K9disc forum is a great source of info, though I think it may be a little broken right now. If you want, even though you're not in MN, you're welcome to join our forum and read and ask questions: http://mndiscdog.com/forum/ We have a pretty active forum and a great, knowledgeable bunch of people.


What is required for competition depends on the organization that is sanctioning the comp. Most of ours around here are Skyhoundz or UFO. Their websites can give you more info on their rules. If you're just looking to do toss and fetch as long as your dog catches the frisbee already you are good to go. If you want to do freestyle there are rules about how many discs you can use and such but other than that it's pretty much, get out on the field and do whatever you can do. It's a pretty laid back sport, which is what makes it so wonderful. Just people and dogs, having a good time. Rank beginners get out on the field and compete right alongside the pros. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.


Anyway, feel free to PM me if you want to talk more about training anything specific. I would love to help you get started!

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