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Our amusing Weekend

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:rolleyes: This weekend was fun!!! :D


First thing is since I am still recovering from being sick, and I was working, I had ask my agility instructor to run Cressa for me. (I am having a hard time breathing if I run more then 4 jumps.) When we went to drop her off I guess someone dumped their beagle mix near where my trainer lived and she had taken it in and was wondering if we could watch it. ( :D please note I have only own poodles who are extremely smart and border collies) We agree to watch it. When we tried to get the beagle into the car she just froze and when we bent to pick her up she rolled on her back :D The car ride home she was whining, panting, and pacing. (We think she was dump since no one had answered the ad in the paper nor have we gotten a call the vet or the pound)


So for the weekend we had our two puppies (Troy and Aslan- 2 border collies that are just over a year old), My sister pomeranian puppy (9 weeks old), and a beagle mix. LOL I don't think we got the good end of the bargain. It wouldn't have been so bad watching all 4 but the only dog that didn't cry/howl/bark in his kennel was Troy. Everyone else was performing a concert together.


Troy made it perfectly clear to the beagle that I WAS HIS person. No growling or snarling just body positioning. If the beagle started to come to me Troy would block her path. I had to tell him repeatedly to " knock it off and go away" He would but would look at me like but mooom....


To make matters worst is Alsan and the beagle mix form a h*ll on four leg pack. The constance playing, barking, howling, getting into EVERYTHING. I had put the dogs away at one point but somehow Alsan and the mix escaped and when I woke up from my 2 hour nap, I work 3rd shift so that is my "sleep" for the day, the house was destroy (garbage everywhere, potty everywhere, clothing everywhere, etc...) I talked to my agility instructor and she said that someone in NY could take her and drop her off at a no kill shelter if no one claims her in a week. *Great news We also found out that the mix was a pro at getting into garbage in less then a second. I was use to border collies and poodles that wait till you disappear to get into the garbage but the beagle mix did it right in front of us. I clapped my hands and yelled NO all to no avail. I literally had to drag her from the garbage *ewww and she try to dive right back in?!


Thru out the weekend and dealing with the MIX I was also traveling out to NY to watch Cressa and Conner run and help out

in the rings. LOL I guess before I got there Cressa was running beautifully in STD- a class that we/I have the most issues in. When I showed up she started getting off course. LOL I have you know Cressa was the ONLY dog that fell for the tunnel trap in jumpers ( :D impressive right???). It was weird because she also screw up her weaves pop out at the 10th poll which she doesn't normally do.

LOL I was a little sad seeing how cute/good Cressa was being with our trainer- jumping in her lap and cuddling before FAST class and doing her bow-oo-oo's. Then they went into the ring like normal and my trainer put her on the start line, Once my trainer took her leash off Cressa bolted out of the ring into my arms. (Now it could have been a number of things: 1 I was working that class but I had step out before Cressa could see me in there, 2 My trainer had started her near the scribes/timer/scribe asst. which I wasn't sure how she would handle all that pressure, 3 I didn't think of it at the time but it could have been where I was standing too her it would have look like I was in the other ring, 4 or it could have been all of the above or none.) One thing is for sure we weren't expecting that. Cressa LIVES for agility and once you are on the start line her whole focus is on the ring. Cressa hadn't even looked at me or for me when she was at the start or when she enter. :D Whatever happen it sure made my day even if I ended up wasting my money. LOL

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