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I can't believe I finally got it :)

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This darn whistle, I finally figured it out!! I thought I'd never get it to blow, and now I can play the theme from "Bridge on the river Kwai" 'Gilligans Island' and 'Off we go into the wild Blue Yonder' :eek: I may not know an inside flank from an inside straight, but by God I can blow that whistle LOL.

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LOL, yeah my tongue slipped today too:) I actually thought I had it yesterday, then my friend/trainer said that I sucked LOL. anyway this morning I was driving around doing some errands and I about ran off the road from lack of oxygen :rolleyes: , then I got home and was down at the barn when I "got it". Now I just have to learn the right commands.

Hows Jackson doing by the way? Any ETA on your first trial?

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Jackson's great, we had to postpone last weeks lesson cuz I had to drive my grandkids to Atlanta to send them back to CA. So we will be going Tues. and we will be trying him in the big pasture. If all goes as it has been and I learn anything, he should be ready by July! Thanks for asking about him!


I don't know how I will ever learn to blow the right commands! I'm as tone deaf as a brick wall! Good luck to you! At least you can make songs! :rolleyes:

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