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Tia is a service dog drop out

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I have now had two professional trainers tell me she will not work out in public. She was coming so nicely here at home. When I was in the hospital, I left her with a friend that is also a professional trainer and Tia was after the other dogs and that just can't happen for a service dog. So, it's with deep regret, that Tia will be going back home and I will not be her foster mom anymore. She's such a sweet pet (at home) I hope they find her a home.

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Are you doing better?

I guess I don't understand. Do you only do fostering for service dogs? Can't you keep fostering her till she finds her forever home?


Hope you've gotten your meds. figured out. I'm sure your Mom and Usher miss you.

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Yes- I'm on all kinds of meds now for everything the other ones did to mess me up. I feel good, not great, but did lots of loads of laundry and even scooped poop. So, I'm on the mend. This isn't even MY foster dog. I'm fostering a foster. LOL.

I got this e-mail from one of my trainers.





I'm so sorry you were in the hospital! Hopefully you'll get the proper medicine now.



I definitely support not keeping Tia. I honestly don't think she has the temperament to be a therapy dog. You have a HUGE heart in wanting to help, but sometimes that size of heart can stop a person from being completely objective when evaluating a dog. I'm proud of you!!!



Get well!!


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ok so the "other" foster place thought she might be a good candidate so they had you try to help her? I think I got it.

So glad your home and guess it's a good thing to do laundry and scoop poo. At least it's normal stuff, although not my favs. :rolleyes:

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