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Herding or Crazy?

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First, thanks to everyone who has been giving me great advice with my new BC Rusty. Between the off-leash experience and attacking trucks I realize I am probably just putting too much pressure on him and will slow down my expectations, but I have one additional issue which I noticed this past week.


At the dog park he exhibits some strange behavior. For instance, the big dog and small dog sides are separated with a fence. Whenever there is a jack russel on the other side he goes nuts. The jack russel and rusty just run back and forth along the fence line. He seems like he is really enjoying it and only playing so I never corrected. The second thing he was doing was chasing and nipping at a large German Sheppard who was just playing ball with its owner. He would just watch the German Sheppard and run along side him until the German Sheppard retrieved the ball, then he would start nipping at the German Sheppards ears. Even if the German Sheppard was standing still I would see him try to nip him. I corrected it once, but even removing him with a leash from the German Sheppard he was still obsessed with him. I dont want to have the annoying dog at the dog park. Can someone please educate me as to what is going on?


I've taken him to the dog park several times before and he has never messed with another dog like this before, he usually just runs and wrestles with the other BC's there.

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No he's not herding, nor is he crazy :rolleyes:


Skye also has a high level of interest in any other dog that is running, chasing, playing with toys, etc. I posted my introductory question around this behaviour about a year ago. But she's 6.5 now, so I had no excuse :D .


It's just considered high reactivity to excitement, movement or play; some call it being the 'fun police'. Skye quits when the other dogs stop. I no longer allow it since, (i) you don't know if the dog will react badly, i.e. attack, and (ii) you don't know how the human will react. And basically, it can be just plain annoying for the other dog, esp if its trying to play ball, or some other game.


I find that giving Skye regular play times with receptive dogs (and owners) where they can play together equally (rather than her just being a pest) is a better outlet for her. Also, I have made much more of an effort to incorporate one-on-one structured obedience routines and games with her as part of our everyday routine, so that I can really direct her focus much better. This has helped a great deal when she becomes fixated on another dog.


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