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  1. I recently moved from Los Angeles where just about every part of the city had a dog park. The thing I noticed about the dog parks in Los Angeles was that many of the dogs brought to the park were brought there by people who run their own dog walking business. The dog walkers load up a van of several dogs, sometimes 12 dogs at a time and bring them to the park. Its easier for them instead of actually walking the dog. I hated the dog park for that very reason. The dog walkers would not pay attention to all 12 dogs and would not understand how to read the dogs behaviour because there was no personal attachment. We often left the park because of fights and I have also been in verbal arguments with the dog walkers. My experience in Pennsylvania is completely different. Its wonderful. There are no dog walkers and all the owners are very friendly. The Parks are also kept extremely nice and they encourage people to volunteer and help out with the upkeep. My dog gets plenty of exercise, but since hes our only dog its really good for him to socialize with other dogs. Hes even made a couple of girlfriends who he is attached to every time we go. Dog parks are also a great place to meet new people. We didn't know anyone in the area and have met tons of wonderful new friends at the dog park.
  2. First, thanks to everyone who has been giving me great advice with my new BC Rusty. Between the off-leash experience and attacking trucks I realize I am probably just putting too much pressure on him and will slow down my expectations, but I have one additional issue which I noticed this past week. At the dog park he exhibits some strange behavior. For instance, the big dog and small dog sides are separated with a fence. Whenever there is a jack russel on the other side he goes nuts. The jack russel and rusty just run back and forth along the fence line. He seems like he is really enjoying it and only playing so I never corrected. The second thing he was doing was chasing and nipping at a large German Sheppard who was just playing ball with its owner. He would just watch the German Sheppard and run along side him until the German Sheppard retrieved the ball, then he would start nipping at the German Sheppards ears. Even if the German Sheppard was standing still I would see him try to nip him. I corrected it once, but even removing him with a leash from the German Sheppard he was still obsessed with him. I dont want to have the annoying dog at the dog park. Can someone please educate me as to what is going on? I've taken him to the dog park several times before and he has never messed with another dog like this before, he usually just runs and wrestles with the other BC's there.
  3. I'm a newbie as well. Welcome. I've only been on this forum for 2 days and have already learned more from these forums and the people here than I did in 4 yrs of college. Very cute pup. Just out of curiosity. Are there a lot of BC's in Kentucky for any particular reason? I rescued mine through an organization in MD/PA and traced him back to Paris, KY where he was a stray.
  4. I've only had my 1 1/2 yr old BC for a couple weeks. So far whenever I've had him off the leash its been in a fenced in area to play frisbee, ball or just playing with other dogs. Recently on our early morning hikes I've been letting him off the leash in an open field which is along our path. There is no fence and its bordered by woods and a highway with a fence(to keep deer out). He always listens to my commands, even at the dog park when other dogs are arriving and the pack bolts over to the fence he will return to me if I give him a heel or come command. He'll even stop and sit on a dime. This morning I let him off the leash along our actual hiking path, which is surrounded by woods, squirrels and deer. He typically shows a lot of interest in little creatures, especially cats, but never attempts to chase them when on a leash. This morning he got a little bit ahead of me and didn't stop and wait like he normally does when in the field. He locked onto a scent. He didn't actually see any creatures. He just started following a scent trail and would not listen to any of my commands and took off following the trail. I ran after him following his trail in the snow and after several falls and prickers I managed to catch up to him. He ran by my feet several times and still did not listen to any commands. I literally had to tackle him and put him on the ground to catch him. While I hate having to be physical with any type of dog I felt it was the only way to stop this. I'll never trust him off the leash again after this in a non-fenced area. Did I screw up? Am I putting too much pressure on the little guy? He was a stray when rescued and I have only had him for a couple weeks. I realize its probably just instinct and once he locked on to that scent he forgot all about humans, especially me. He gets plenty of exercise. Sorry for the long posts, but I just want to make sure I do everything right. I didn't have this problem with my last border collie so this hunting instinct is entirely new to me. The End. Thanks.
  5. Thanks!! Those tips are already working great! I've been taking his frisbee on walks and whenever he locks on to the little yellow school bus that passes by I quickly get his attention with the firsbee and have him sit down. He is still interested in the bus, but his intensity has dropped and he isn't attempting to go after it. He cant decide between the frisbee and the bus. I have also been able to take some pictures lately, but only outside and with plenty of rewards. I have another issue which I had to deal with this morning, but will post a new topic because its unrelated to the trucks or camera. Thanks again.
  6. Hello everyone! I recently rescued my second BC after my first one recently passed due to prostate cancer. His name is Rusty and we think hes about 1 1/2 yrs old. I rescued him from an Aussie Rescue organization in MD after being found in KY somewhere. I'm dealing with some minor issues which I hope to gain some insight on. I aplogize in advanced for the long post. First, I'm not sure if he is herding trucks/cars or attacking them. Certain types of vehicles, specifically diesel trucks or certain head lights he goes after. He first does the "eye", then the typical crouch and eventually when the vehicle passes he goes bananas. Reluctantly I started using a pinch collar and its really work great for him. One time I slowly approached a truck running idle just to see what he would do to it. I was hoping he would finally realize its not alive and he can't do anything to it. He ended up biting the tires very hard and then was nearly impossible to refocus, even with the pinch collar. Should I avoid approaching vehicles like this and is it even possible to fully correct this type of behavior. I've read several other posts and many have made improvements, but it really worries me. He also has an obsession with squirrels and cats, which I don't mind because I dont care for either. My last BC had only 2 concerns and they were his blue ball and frisbee. I recently took him off leash to see how he would do and he did extremely well listening to my commands and stopping on a dime when I said heel, returning to my side. I've only had him for 2 weeks and I'd like to be able to take him off leash more often, but the truck herding has me worried. Second, Rusty hates his picture being taken. He actually hates anything being pointed at him. At first we thought it was the camera, but even if I put my hands in a camera holding positiong and point them at him he bolts and becomes very very scared. Any ideas? I've been bringing the camera with me on walks and he still trys to hide. Finally, I'm an avid biker and was considering purchasing a walky dog system for my bike so that Rusty can run next to me. I hate running so the bike is easier. Has anyone attempted to use this with a BC and/or should I avoid devices like this. Right now we do not have a backyard and I am taking him on 4 to 5 walks per day. A typical walk is at least 1hr to 2hrs, but I can just see it in his eyes that he wants to run! Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I look forward to being an active member of this board and learning as much as I can.
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