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Cooper and Sophia Are Having Problems


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Hey Guys!

Im doing good, Cooper and Sophia are starting to worry me. Cooper is a pb Border Collie, Sophia on the other hand is a Saint Bernard Boxer mix.




Cooper has been itching everywhere later. His old owners told me he had a hot spot problem, so we bathed him, he has no hot spots as of now. But, he keeps itching everywhere, he does not have fleas for furtther information. His skin is a bit flaky but not horrible, his hair is thinning out where he bites at constantly. Also the owner said they shaved him when they got him when was 8 months, so his under coat was shaved as well, he's 1 1/2 almost now and his coat is thin, will it ever grow back and I need suggestions on his biting/itching problem. He's about 35 lbs I believe.




Now I know Sophia is not a border collie but I need help with her to. I've noticed her limping on her back legs after being outside and getting up out of her crate, she has the largest crate available as she is a big girl about 115 lbs, she is the size of a boxer and has the face of one but the colors and markings of a saint, she is very stocky. Her hips do not seem to be bother her at all. She's 19 months old, just a few months older than Cooper. Her eye is also very red, can dogs get pink eye. It might be playing rough with Cooper but it doesn't seem to be improving. Maybe it's cherry eye, but she has no masses in her eye.


These dogs play exetremely rough and when I tell them to stop Cooper does but Sophia doesn't listen. Cooper also had an eye injury under his eye but it's healed up. Any suggestions on how to stop them playing so hard, they constantly make each yelp but continue to do it. I've enclosed some picture of them. I've tried training Sophia to stop but she's stubborn and can bully and literally push me out of the way as I am very small. We can not go t oa dog trainer as Sophia is exetremely agressive to people she does not know,

Pleasse help.



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Itchiness w/o fleas or signs of irritation suggests allergies of some sort. Worth talking to your vet about for sure. Allergies can create hotspots as well, so it would fit in with what his former owners mentioned.


As for the limping, that's another thing to talk to a vet about, but just off the top I would say it might help to keep her on the thin side - she's looks a little on the chunky side from the pic you posted and any joint issues will be worsened by extra weight.


If they constantly want to play, even after a yelp, it's likely just rough play and if it were me I'd prob let it continue. If you can't deal with the play for some other reason, consistency is going to be your best tool. Have Sophie drag a leash so you can remove her from the room EVERY time she continues play after being asked to stop. To work you need to enforce the rules each time the behavior occurs, you can't be wishy washy about it.

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Honestly, Beneful SUCKS. Do a search of this forum for dog foods and you'll find a LOT of much better options. Whole Dog Journal also released their annual list of good dry foods in the most recent issue, so that would be a good resource as well.

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