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My puppy, Max, was just diagnosed with OCD


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Hi. My 7 mo. old puppy, Max, was just diagnosed with OCD in both shoulders. The Vet is suggesting surgery on only the left side, since that is the side that seems to be affecting him (limp). The surgery is very expensive ($1,500 + for one shoulder) and pretty major for a puppy (long recovery time).

I think it would be wise to get a second opinion to be sure we are doing the right thing. I read about Trysxin on other posts. I emailed them (Trysxin) yesterday about Max, and they were pretty positive it could be used as an alternative to surgery. Does anyone else have any success with Trysxin or any other surgery alternatives? If the surgery is done, we were told he would still have arthritis in the shoulders later on (which means he's still in pain and on meds). Is the surgery worth it, or can these dogs function without it? We also have a 5 yr. old BC, Kailey, who is near perfect in every way. I've been trying to keep the two of them partially separated, because they rough-house so hard. I wish we would have known about keeping Max from running, jumping down 4 stairs to the bottom of the deck, and running and jumping down our pool deck. I had no idea it was a bad thing to let your puppy be crazy and super active. You think it would be good for them, burning off all that excess energy. Like some of the other posts, I, too, feel guilty--like I contributed to his "problem". But, since the past is just that---past---what can I do now to insure he has a healthy and pain-free life? I guess he may become an inside dog with restrictions. It is affecting my Kailey, too, because her walks have diminished because he can't go along, or they have to be just around the block and slow. Any suggestions out there? I just want to make the right decision for Max. Thanks!


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I've seen lots of pups come through this surgery with (as far as I know) little problem later in life. One was even a working dog. Good luck!

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