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When is the new one coming out?

A new one? I just rebought the old one, as I'd given my worn and high-lighted copy to an Aussie friend who found it very useful.


I realize that you are probably iced in and have no idea when you will be able to get on the internet again! Best wishes recovering from the storms!

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Thank you all for your complements! I am glad to know that my book is so useful to so many.



In addition to being well rated on Amazon, I noticed the used price is the same as the new price. In my experience, that means people who buy it want to keep the book and re-read it...sign of a good book! I'll never herd with my dogs, but I'm going to buy a copy anyways. Sounds like I won't be disappointed.

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What's really interesting to me is how much the training of the herding dog is similar to training a horse. At least the way I am familiar with horse training. Think Dorrance, Whitney.


Like the poster above me, I don't know that my dog will ever see sheep other than over the fence at the barn, but the book to me makes it clear that training one's dog is all about "feel". That is a comfort and an affirmation of the work I am doing with my pup. (Who is perfect, BTW!)



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